Whiskers Multimedia CD Catalog
Whiskers is a simple and easy to use catalog with database capability and web simplicity.
CARAT Appraisal Software
CARAT Appraisal Software makes doing professional appraisals simple.

Carat Appraisal features

  • Customer Database.
  • Customize the Appraisal Report the way YOU want.
  • Digital "plots" for center stones.
  • 76 different color stones, pearls, diamonds, and metals with formulas for weight estimations of stones.
  • Store a picture of the item from a scanner, camera, etc. in the appraisal and print it on the appraisal. (A picture says a thousand words!).
  • Optional printing of Cover Letter, Limiting Conditions, Certificate, and Appendix.
  • And More! Contact us for a DEMO you can Download.
  • All this for starting at $495.00!

Web Design and Hosting
We can design your website to meet your current needs with special attention to your future goals. Our team can provide full image support and artwork as well as database driven corporate intranets. Catarom can also host your site on our server for a low monthly fee.
Data Importing
We can import your data to get you started. See page for more details.
Software Training
Training is available for all of our products. Please contact us.
Key Benefits

  • Save time.
  • Operate more efficiently.
  • Reduce frustration
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